Making Better Choices

Making Better Choices

If you are looking to make some changes to improve your overall wellness and fitness, it is worthwhile to note that 80% is what you eat, and 20% is your fitness activity. That is why becoming aware of your nutrition habits, and how what you eat and drink makes you FEEL, can be the most important game changer.

If you consider that no food or drink is totally off limits - there are definitely a range of choices out there - you can then shift your thinking to "what are the best choices I can consistently make for me, to help me reach my goals".

Look at it like this:

The foods you choose MOST OFTEN should be the ones that make you feel, and function, your best! These foods provide you with the macro and micro nutrients your body needs to fuel your brain, your nervous system, handle physical demands and cope with stressful demands.

There are also foods that you may choose SOMETIMES, not every day - more because they are convenient, or easy. These choices don't leave you feeling your best, but may in the moment be good enough.

Then there are the foods that you crave, are part of traditions, remind you of childhood, are socially significant, culturally meaningful and are about so much more than what the nutritional value is comprised of! These are the food and drinks that you choose INFREQUENTLY, once in a very long while, and you do so mindfully, knowing they leave you feeling less than great.
Consistency is KEY

Making changes to our lifestyle is not easy. Especially when we hope to see results quickly or instantly. Start with small changes, manageable and tangible - increase your water intake by one glass, walk every other day for 10 minutes, add a vegetable every day to your lunch - NOTICE how these positive changes impact how you FEEL.  Then let those positive feelings help you make the next better choice to add to your day!

Change your habits change your life  -  with one better choice at a time!
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