RELAXATION & RENEWAL - in the comfort of your home:  RESTORATIVE YOGA Series
Find calm amidst the chaos. Each week you will be guided through a 75 minute Restorative Yoga practice designed to soothe your nervous system and help you find deep rest and healing from the challenges and changes of life.

Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice, requiring little to no physical effort as you move through supported poses to find stillness and relaxation. This practice reduces the physical and emotional impact of stress and anxiety, promotes deep sleep, calms the sympathetic nervous system, supports healing and overall wellness.

Everything you will need can be found in your home. We will utilize bed pillow, couch cushions, blankets and towels to build your “Nest of Rest”. 

Recorded Restorative Yoga Series is available for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Please email me for details:

"I found your restorative yoga classes to be a lovely way to wind down every night...watching the recordings in between classes, allowed me to sleep well which had been a challenge before.  Thank you for the calm you brought to my evenings which just happened to coincide with a time I really needed some extra help. Just listening to your voice calmed me down and reassured me that all was well and safe in my world.  I will take with me the ability to create a soft, safe place to fall in the evenings and anytime I need to. I am grateful to you for that new awareness." 

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