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Yoga / Barre & Sculpt Fitness in 45 / Chair Yoga

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Barre & Sculpt Fitness in 45 - Small movements bring big results! Get your heart rate up, strengthen and lengthen your whole body including: glutes, legs, shoulders, arms, back, core. If you don't have traditional equipment at home you can improvise: standing behind a chair or at a counter as your Barre, soup cans or bleach bottles for your weights, a pillow or paper towel roll for your Pilates Ball.  Functional fitness, focus on correct alignment, body awareness, no jarring jumping movements.

Hatha for Happiness Yoga - Connect mind, body and breath in this 60 minute Hatha Yoga practice. A combination of deep slow stretching and traditional Hatha postures to cultivate joy, flexibility, balance and calm - in yoga and in life! All levels - yoga blocks, strap and mat are recommend.

Chair Yoga -  Find a comfortable, sturdy chair and join me!  First half of class is spent in the chair, introducing mindful breath and movement, and then we move to standing poses to keep it interesting and build on our strength and balance.  Lots of focus on breath and cultivating a mind body connection in the 5,000 year old tradition of yoga!

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Let's Gather Together IN PERSON for YOGA

NEW Join me LIVE at The Yogashala in studio starting September 7th for Beginner Hatha Yoga - the perfect pace for anyone looking to start a yoga practice, or come back to their mat, slow their practice down and focus on breath, find their poses, and build confidence in their practice.  This class in in studio with all Covid protocols strictly enforced. Masks may only be removed once you are on your mat. REGISTER TODAY - space is limited!

"Jackie, thank you so much for leading our chair yoga practice. It helps me so much. My neuropathy is so much better after our sessions.  I also have scoliosis, osteoporosis, and possibly Parkinson's, as well as tension in my shoulder and back, so yoga practice helps with all my symptoms. I am glad that you are opting to stay online. I like that we can compare our posture with yours and correct it. When in person, I THINK I am doing it correctly, but being able to visually see what I am doing shows me that I am not and helps me work on it. I think the Zoom option will be much safer for all of us compromised people. Yoga resonates with my spirituality. I think of G-d as all the Energy and Love in the Universe, that grounds and surrounds and connects us. We bring that to each other when we practice yoga. So, thank you for all that you do!" 

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