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Let's Gather Together

Rise & Shine Hot Flow Wednesday's at 6:30am @ The Yogashala BOOK Online
Join me IN-PERSON at The Yogashala Wellness Centre 937 Centre Rd., Waterdown (just before 6th Concession) In this 45 minute morning flow, you will move the body, flow and breath to get energized, feel strong and set the tone for the rest of the day. A flow practice gives you the opportunity to explore more movement and hold postures to build strength & mobility in the whole body.

Chair Yoga & Movement Wednesday's at 11am @ The Yogashala BOOK Online
Join me IN-PERSON at The Yogashala Wellness Centre 937 Centre Rd., Waterdown (just before 6th Concession) Time is spent in seated postures as well as standing with or without the help of the chair. We build strength, mobility and stability while connecting our mind, body and breath.  Chair yoga gives you all the health benefits that a regular yoga practice does. Chair yoga can improve your flexibility, concentration and strength
while boosting your mood and reducing stress and joint pain. This class is especially ideal for those who may have difficulty moving through the up and down positions of traditional yoga. Chair yoga provides safety through stabilization and support.

Learn & Align Wednesday's 6pm & Thursday's 9:30am @ The Yogashala BOOK Online 
Join me IN-PERSON at The Yogashala Wellness Centre 937 Centre Rd., Waterdown (just before 6th Concession) Learn & Align Class Description: For those brand new to yoga or if you have been taking classes and want to slow it down and learn some great tips & tools for greater alignment and engagement to help build on your intentions and goals for yourself.  Each class will move steadily through different yoga postures, giving you time to establish the principles of alignment, breath, and awareness.  Inclusive and welcoming, this class is a great place to start or build your yoga journey.

Hot Vinyasa Saturday's at 11:30am @ The Yogashala BOOK Online

Join me IN-PERSON every other Saturday at The Yogashala Wellness Centre 937 Centre Rd., Waterdown (just before 6th Concession)  Hot Vinyasa Description: Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by linking asanas (poses) together so that you move from one to another, using your breath. Commonly referred to as a “flow” style of yoga. This class builds stamina, increases strength and promotes flexibility with a constant emphasis on the core area of the body while reducing stress and increasing vitality.  The 'marriage' of breath and movement allows you to deepen concentration and body consciousness throughout the entire practice. There are no fixed series of poses and each class can be different.

Baby & Mom Barre Thursday's at 11:00am @ The Yogashala BOOK Online

Barre/Sculpt/Yoga - Get out get moving and bring baby along!

Perfect for babies aged 6 weeks to ‘not yet crawling’.

This Barre based, Yoga inspired movement and fitness class is designed to get your heart rate up, lengthen, tone and tighten: glutes, quads, calves, arms, shoulders and core - with a focus on correct alignment with special attention to your postnatal concerns. We will work at the Barre using our own body weight and small movements for big results - adding hand weights, resistance bands, pilates balls and sliders. Class will finish with a well deserved yoga based stretching and breathing. Leave feeling energized, strong and relaxed.  

Enjoy your time with baby in a front carrier, for added weight resistance, or along side of you in their car seat on the floor. Feeding, crying, diaper changing - all part of the experience and expected! Meet other new Mom’s, have fun and get moving!

Please bring your own front body baby carrier - make sure it fits securely so you are able to move safely - and/or their infant car seat.

Suitable for all fitness levels - start where you are and go from there!

Private Yoga Classes 

Connect mind, body and breath through deep, slow stretching and traditional yoga postures to promote healing, cultivate calm, joy, flexibility and balance - in life and yoga. Private or semi-private yoga classes, up to 4 people, provides you with individualized attention, assistance and support for your yoga practice. Hatha, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Chair Yoga or a combination of all, depending on your needs, are available in this format. Please contact me for pricing and scheduling options.

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"Jackie, thank you so much for leading my yoga practice. It helps me so much. My neuropathy is so much better after our sessions.  I also have scoliosis, osteoporosis, and possibly Parkinson's, as well as tension in my shoulder and back, so yoga practice helps with all my symptoms. 
Yoga resonates with my spirituality. I think of G-d as all the Energy and Love in the Universe, that grounds and surrounds and connects us. We bring that to each other when we practice yoga. So, thank you for all that you do!" 

"Jackie you are clear and concise, heart centred, helpful, sensitive and flexible to the needs of those in your care. Thank you for a beautiful and meaningful practice."

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