September is the new January

September is the new January

The sun is coming up later and going down earlier, the back to school buzz is happening all around us, and we see the seasons change right before our eyes. We move from the relaxation of summer into the momentum of fall.  It signals a time of beginning and restarting - back to schedules, back to list making, back to setting goals.  If for you these goals include YOU and your wellness - FEEL BETTER | INCREASE YOUR ENERGY | LOSE WEIGHT | IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH and WELLBEING - I hope you will consider joining me for a 21 Day Group Nutrition Coaching opportunity at The Yogashala Wellness Centre in Waterdown that starts Thursday September 14th at 5:45pm with our first meeting and barre/yoga class.  For more information and to register.  

Join me Thursday's September 14th, 21st, 28th at 5:45pm to 7pm at the Yogashala Wellness Centre, Waterdown

21 Days September Wellness Start UP - Invest in you $150 +tx

Start Where YOU Are

A fantastic group format option to help you jump start the changes you would like to make to your nutrition and wellness this September!

Set your intentions to meet your Wellness Goals - FEEL BETTER | INCREASE YOUR ENERGY | LOSE WEIGHT | IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH

You are ready to make a change and I’m here to help you! Use these three weeks to create new habits or refocus and reignite - and put your wellness at the top of your priority list. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish when you COMMIT to nourish to flourish EVERY DAY! The added support of a nutrition coach to educate and encourage you, and a like-minded community of others also striving to improve their wellness, makes the 21 Day Group Nutrition Coaching Program unique and effective. Your better choices start here!

+ Personalized Nutrition Plan & Guide based on your Wellness Goals (PDF)

+ Daily Motivational Email with Supportive Content x 21 Days

+ Weekly 3 x 75 minute Group Coaching Meeting & Barre Fitness/Yoga Stretch

Each participant will be asked to fill out an intake questionnaire and using this information I will provide each participant with their own personalized nutrition plan and guide based on their wellness goals and their “why’s”. For example - to feel better, have more energy, lose weight, make more nutritious choices, improve everyday quality of life.

Simple to follow nutrition guidelines will be provided, with helpful infographics, as well as custom tracking forms for food and activities for the duration of the challenge. There is no calorie counting, or foods that are off-limits, just better choices that can be made!

Every day of the 21 days you will receive a motivational email to support, educate and encourage you! This will include helpful articles, recipes and homework to support the positive changes you are making.

Each week we will meet in studio as a group and I will provide you with additional nutrition guidance and habit focus for the coming week and answer any questions that you have. Our time together will include an interactive meeting followed by Barre Fitness and Yoga Stretch class to assist in increasing your happy hormones, as well as supporting the down-regulation of your nervous system to help optimize the benefits of your new healthy habits!