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Let's Get MOVING - Online Barre & Sculpt in 45

To say that our daily routines have been turned upside down is an understatement.  And while our initial reaction may have been to simply stop and wallow a bit - a well deserved reaction - it is so important that we keep moving our bodies so that we are better able to cope with whatever life is going to throw at us next!  Movement reduces stress, keeps us healthy in mind, body and spirit and when we are able to participate in something we love - it brings us JOY!  

LIVE on Thursday 8am  - BARRE & SCULPT in 45min

Small movements bring big results! Strengthen and lengthen utilizing the Barre, your own body weight, hand weights, resistance bands and other props. 45 minutes is all we need to get the job done. No jarring movements, or jumping. No experience necessary! At home you can improvise your equipment - a sturdy chair or counter top for the Barre, soup cans for hand weights and a roll of paper towels or a pillow for the blue Pilates ball. 

DETAILS: Available with Zoom - Each day before class I will send out an email with the link to the meeting and you are able to join me! Zoom allows you to participate in private by muting the audio and turning off the video if you prefer.  

COST: Class is $10 - Pay-As-You-Go and can be e-transferred before or after class to:

8 Live Class Pass: $70
8 Live Class Pass + Recordings $90 (7 days full access)
8 Class Recorded with 7 days full access $40

JOIN: Simply email me and I will add you to the class list! All you need is a sturdy chair, counter top or wall to participate.  Hand weights, water bottles, soup cans to use for resistance training, a paper plate or plastic lid for sliders, a towel rolled up, a paper towel roll or a pilates ball.  Turn on your own awesome background music and you are ready to go!